Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Great Tobacco Prince from Cuba, 1874

Arrival of the Great tobacco Prince from Cuba, 
with One Hundred Thousand Genuine Havana Cigars.

Mr. H.L. Witkowsky, the well-known dealer in foreign cigars and tobacco, returned yesterday from Havana, where he has been to purchase an immense stock of genuine Havana cigars, which will be here in a few days.  Mr. Witkowsky is the leading Havana cigar dealer of Memphis, and in order to secure a stock suited to his numerous customers, he visited Havana and there examined the principal factories, from which he purchased his stock at much lower prices than could have been had by buying from second hands.  The large stock which he purchased and paid cash for will arrive in a few days, and due notice will be given the public.  The stock embraces one hundred thousand cigars, which he proposes to sell at fifty per cent less than other houses ask for them.
Originally posted in the Memphis Daily Appeal Dec. 18 1874

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