Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Death of Eighteenhundred Fiftyseven, Esq.

A Death and a Birth--Tonight, aged twelve months, a valuable and respected resident of this and other States, Kingdoms and Republics, Eighteenhundred Fiftyseven, Esq., attended by some mourners and many rejoicers, will be buried in Eternity Cemetery.  Our fast departing acquaintance was a member of the great family of Time.  He will be succeeded in the dating business by his offspring Eighteenhundred Fiftyeight, whose birth is expected to occur the first thing to-morrow morning.  It is confidently anticipated that his name will be closely connected, during the next fifty-two weeks, with a series of remarkable and important events, to attend to which occurrences with due punctuality, he will be at his office, with books open for business, day and night.  The respected party now near his latter end, is understood tearfully to have declared that his business was as bad as that of a newspaper office, and that no Year, however vigorous, could stand the wear and tear of his toilsome profession more than twelve months.
Originally posted in the Memphis Daily Appeal Dec 31 1857

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