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Myrtle McGrain Bacon, Broadway Actress, Model and Wife

Myrtle McGrain was the daughter of Daniel G. McGrain and Delila E. Blume. She was born July 8 1883 in Kentucky and died May 17 1980 in Florida.  Her father was a clerk for Lowenstein and Brothers at 159 Union in Memphis.

Myrtle appeared on Broadway in Babes in Toyland as Bobby Shaftoe.  In 1905 she was in Sergeant Brue by Walter Percival.  She appeared in the opening cast of The Cingalee by James T. Tanner Oct. 24 1904.  The show had a run of 33 performances.

Myrtle McGrain with sailboat
 as Bobby Shaftoe
Everybody's Magazine, v. 9
She modeled and was pictured in The Burr McIntosh Monthly as part of the "Beautify Your Home" series of pictures of celebrities, beautiful women, famous men and notable events.

For the daughter of a clerk she did very well in the matrimonial department.  Myrtle married Lieutenant Colonel William J. Bacon in 1915.   He was the son of William James Bacon and Delia Scott Carrington.

William J. Bacon
History of the Fifty-fifth Field Artillery Brigade
Myrtle McGrain 1903
Bacon was a prominent attorney, state senator, and judge in Memphis.  He held memberships in many Fraternal organizations such as the Masons, Elks, Moose, Chamber of Commerce, and Tennessee club.  He served in World War I and served with a Mexican Border regiment. Promoted to Lt. Col June 1918. He and Myrtle had no children.

Myrtle is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery Midtown in Memphis with her parents and husband.  

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