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Shocking Accident to a Little Girl, 1874

A fatal accident occurred at the residence of Mr. E.M. Apperson, corner Linden and Wellington streets, about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, which resulted in the death of Augusta Young Kenneday, daughter of Dr. A.E. and Mrs. Eva Virginia Kenneday, and grand daughter of E.M. Apperson.  At the time August, who was a child of 3 1/2 years, was playing with a number of other little ones in the hall upstairs.  A moment before the child had been caressing her mamma, when running out in the hall, she passed through a window leading to a small verandah in front.  This verandah overlooks a stone porch some 12 or 14 feet below, and is protected by a low, ornamental iron railing.  When the little one ran on the verandah, she jumped upon the railing, and, losing her balance, fell.  One short agonizing shriek, followed by a dull, heavy thud, as the baby, headlong, struck the stone pave; a tiny stream of thick brain clotted blood, and all was over.
From the Memphis Avalanche, published in the Nashville Union and American Sept. 29 1874

DIED- Kenneday- At  5 1/4 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Augusta, daughter of Dr. A.E. and E.V. Kenneday, aged three years, six months and twenty-two days.  Friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of E.M. Apperson, corner Linden and Wellington streets, this (Saturday) afternoon at 3 1/2 o'clock.  Rev. Dr. Slater will officiate.  Carriages in attendance.

Augusta Kenneday was the daughter of Dr. Absolom Early Kenneday, a Memphis dentist, and his wife Eva Virginia "Jennie" Apperson.  A.E. Kenneday was the son of the well known Revered Absolom Harper Kenneday.  A.E. served in the 3rd Ark Cavalry as a regimental musician. He played bugle. Jennie Apperson was a member of the affluent Apperson family and a daughter of E.M. Apperson and Susan B. Morecock. The Kenneday and Apperson families rest at Elmwood Cemetery.

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