Saturday, August 3, 2013

Private Hollenberg of the McClellan Guards

We regret to say that the M'Clellan Guards, colored, have, in Private Hollenberg, lost one of their most dutiful and attentive members.  He breathed his last on Tuesday, the tenth, at Hollenberg's dyeing store.  He nursed that family through the yellow-fever, and at last was taken down himself.  The company mourn his loss.  He will be long remembered by those who knew him.  He was the man that won the prize at the drill a few weeks ago at the Exposition building.
Originally posted in the Memphis Daily Appeal, Sept. 13 1878

We don't know what Private Hollenberg's first name was much less the relationship between him and the Hollenberg family that he nursed through the yellow fever epidemic. 

The McClellan Guards was an African-American Militia troop. During the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1878 the McClellan Guards were sent to the first refugee camp to help maintain order.

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