Sunday, August 4, 2013

Death of the Hon. Robert Garnett Payne, 1861

It is with sincere regret we announce the death of our late State Senator, Hon. Robt. Garnett Payne, who expired in this city at six o'clock last evening.  It was our privilege to know the deceased well, not only in public life--in which his unusual oratorical talents and his aptitude for business made him both popular and useful--but in his domestic sphere.  As a husband and a parent he manifested a devotion to the welfare and happiness of those dependent upon him rarely equaled.  His disposition was warmly affectionate, he was prodigal in his generosity and penurious only to himself.  In March last he lost his amiable partner, a woman of large heart and amiable qualities, to whom he was married at nineteen.  He mourned her loss with deep sorrow, and soon he has been called to rejoin her.  He leaves behind him two sons, both of which are in the army, and two daughters, unmarried, who reside in Pocahontas, Ark.  He returned from a visit to them on Tuesday last, and complained of sickness, which resolved itself into a malignant form of bilious fever, from which he could not recover.  He was a native of Culpepper county, Va.  From that place, while Mr. Payne was very young, his father removed into Middle Tennessee.

Five years ago Mr. Payne removed to this city from Columbia.  He soon took his place with the lawyers of the first rank at our bar.  He was afterward appointed railroad commissioner for the State, the duties of which office he discharged with great industry.  He was two years ago elected Senator for this district, and was the most active man in our State Senate.  He was forty-nine years of age, and was buried last evening.
Originally posted in the Memphis Daily Appeal, September 17, 1861

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