Monday, June 3, 2013

1857 - A Monument to the Fathers of Memphis

Communicated for the Newspapers of Memphis
   A Monument to the Fathers of Memphis and to Our Railroad Builders--We have long regarded it due to the life and public services of Gen. Andrew Jackson to expect a monument commemorative of his deeds and virtues, and believing that the popular heart will at once respond to the suggestion, we would suggest the 1st or 2nd day of May as the proper period for the inauguration of this work.

  The beautiful mound below our city was several years ago conveyed to the State, by Col. John C. McLemore, that this monument might be erected on it.  The State Legislature made an appropriation for the purpose of carrying out Col. McLemore's proposition, and our people might readily raise then or twenty thousand dollars in addition to this appropriation.

   Let the city and county take charge of this work, and let a marble column, on the banks of the Father of Floods, perpetuate the memory of Andrew Jackson.
          A.H.D. & D.J.L.

Originally published in the Memphis Daily Appeal, march 31 1857

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