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He Was a Christian Chinaman, 1898

Wang Chung Buried
Laid Away in Elmwood with his Earthly Effects.
He Was a Christian Chinaman
His cousin, Willie Foo, Likewise a Christian, of 
Dallas, Tex., Came to Memphis on Hearing of
Chung's Serious Condition.
Wang Chang Chung, the Chinaman who died Tuesday after a long illness with consumption, was buried yesterday afternoon from Walsh's undertaking rooms.  He was a Christian and received a Christian burial.  His cousin, Willie Foo of Dallas, Tex., came some days ago to look after his kinsman, and when he found that Chung was so near the end he remained with him until he died.  Chung had other kinsmen in Dallas, who have paid his expenses incident to a protracted illness.  His wife and family are in China.  There was no ceremony at the undertaker's.  The Chinamen present and a few Americans viewed the remains and the lid was fastened and the coffin placed in the hearse.  At the grave after the coffin had been lowered the Rev. W.T. Hudson made a few remarks appropriate to the occasion and offered prayer.  When a foot of earth had been thrown on the coffin a package containing Chung's earthly belongings was thrown in the grave and covered up.  After the package had been thrown in, Willie Foo and an elderly Chinaman of this city, the only Chinese in attendance, got in a carriage and were driven back to the city.  at the head of the grave was a tall headboard bearing a Chinese inscription.  There was also a board with the same in English.  Willie Foo is a member of the Central Christian Church in Dallas, and when Chung was there he attended that Sunday school.  He has been in Memphis only two years.
First posted in the Commercial Appeal, October 27, 1898

Wang Chang Chung was interred at Elmwood Cemetery in what was, at that time, known as Chapel Hill Colored section.

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