Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poisoning a Nymph du Pave 1866

From Cassell's Dictionary of Slang:  nymph of the pave, n. (also nymph du pave, nymph of the pavement) [early 19c-1930s] a prostitute, a street-walker (cf. night walker n.) [nymph n. (1) = pave(ment)]

Last night Madam Johnson, keeper of a female boarding house, applied to the police to have three men arrested for poisoning an inmate of her tavern named Liddy Anglin.  It appears that three men, strangers in this city, who were on their way to Texas, had stopped at the house, and induced Liddy to take a drink from a bottle of whiskey they had, and left shortly afterward.  The woman retired to bed, but was soon awakened by an uneasy feeling and her body swelling to an enormous size.  A physician was sent for who soon relieved her, aided by a stomach pump, and this morning she was much better.  The three were traced to the levee, and as the steamer Princess had just departed, it is supposed they took passage on her.

Posted in the Memphis Public Ledger, September 29, 1866

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