Saturday, March 30, 2013

Memphians Among the Brave

Beside the company of Sons of the South, whose services have been tendered to and accepted by the Southern Confederacy, there are many Memphis gentlemen enrolled in the ranks of the defenders of the South; among others we may mention Frank Foster of the Avalanche office, and E.R. Scruggs, son of Judge P.T. Scruggs of this city, who left on Thursday to join the Florence, Ala., Home Guards, now on their way to Pensacola.  This latter gentleman is the third son of Judge Scruggs who has joined the volunteers.  Major Fisher, of this city, also has a son and grandson among the southern troops.  The whole of the above, we are certain, will give a good report of themselves; when brave deeds are to be done they will not be behind.

Originally posted in the Memphis Daily Appeal March 30, 1861

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