Friday, March 1, 2013

Capt. J. Harvey Mathes, He's not in Elmwood

The brouhaha surrounding the renaming of three Memphis Parks continues.  This time descendants of Captain James Harvey Mathes want his bust, which has been in Jefferson Davis Park since 1908, removed if the parks name change goes through.  The family indicated they might donate it to the Rendezvous, a local restaurant.

Capt. J. Harvey Mathes
37th TENN.
Or they might just take it to their backyard in Georgia.  Or, they would have it placed at the Captain's gravesite in Elmwood Cemetery which seems like the best idea. Except there's only one problem with that last scenario, Mathes is buried at Forest Hill Midtown.

J.Harvey Mathes died in California in 1902.  When his body was returned to Memphis he was originally interred at Elmwood Cemetery in plot 377 1/2, space 3, of the Turley section.  However, he was moved to Forest Hill February 16, 1918 to reside next to his loved ones.  "Love leans on memory, until the touch of God makes it immortal" says the Mathes family monument.  Perhaps it will be the Memphis City Council that helps lend that touch of immortality to his name as well.

Elmwood Record of Mathes' Interment

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