Friday, February 15, 2013

The John Gatti Family

Their Careless Use--A Little Boy Shot by His Brother
Yesterday, while two little boys, sons of Mr. John Gatti, were playing with an old revolver, the older, a boy of about fourteen years of age, pointed the revolver at the younger, and it in some manner exploded. The ball, aimed with terrible accuracy, struck him on the temple, and entering, came out of the left eye, making a terrible and perhaps fatal wound.  Medical attendance was immediately provided, and at last accounts the little sufferer was doing as well as could be expected.
Source: The Memphis Daily Appeal
September 19, 1868

According to the 1860 Census John Gatti's sons were James Paul, age 6, and John L. who was age 4.  In addition he had a daughter Alice Victoria Gatti.  His youngest son wasn't born until 1861,  Joseph.  After the death of his first wife he married Mary Ayre.  They had no children.

John Baptiste Gatti was born in Italy.  By 1853 he had made his way to Memphis and married his first wife Alice.  His worth in 1860 was valued at $30,000.  Gatti appears in the Memphis Daily Appeal in January 18, 1868 as the owner of a confectionery shop on the northwest corner of Court and Second Streets.  It seems a burglar had broken in and stolen $50 worth of merchandise and it was the 6th time this had happened. He died October 26, 1873.  Another victim of yellow fever.

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