Friday, February 22, 2013

Memphis Mardi Gras 1873


From the Merry


For the Good Government of our

Bully Carnival





Ye Brawlers and Boisterers,
The Mask Balls will commence at nine 
o'clock precisely.
None but Maskers will be allowed upon 
the floor until twelve o'clock at night.
Masks have the liberty of the Halls, and
can roam at will.
No Dancing will be permitted in the 
galleries of the Exposition.
Dancers will form single set.
PERSONS OF COLOR will not be admitted,
and the Committee will satisfy themselves
that the order is strictly enforced.
Parties entering the Ballrooms will be 
subjected to being searched.  Swords, clubs,
weapons of any kind; lanterns, lights, obstructions
of any kind, will not be permitted in the
Persons found with concealed weapons will
be apprehended and prosecuted.
No forfeits will be taken at stationhouses,
day or night, irrespective of persons.
Throwing Flour or Eggs, and all acts of
mischief, are stringently interdicted, and will be
Aside from merriment, order and decorum, 
as far as the above is concerned, is the
rule and will be maintained.
Unruly spirits must govern themselves 
Persons not en masque will be assigned 
comfortable places in the various Halls.
Non-Resident members of the Press, and
Chairmen of the various delegations from 
adjoining cities, can procure their Badges by
calling upon the Secretary before ten o'clock,
Tuesday 26th.
All Parties, Societies, Clubs, Companies,
Bands, Crews, Delegations, and others desiring 
to have positions assigned them in the Grand 
Procession and Pageant, must report to G.C.
in Chief, Theo. Hoerner, corner Beale and
Second Streets, before ten o'clock on Tuesday
Line of March will be duly announced.
The streets after one o'clock will be given up 
entirely to the Masquers.  Street-cars 
and Hacks will govern themselves accordingly.
All the Schools will close, to give our 
little-ones a merry feast.
Our Courts are hereby commanded to turn
off steam.  Should any losses occur to the
State on account of this order, just charge it
to the Legislature.
The closing of stores at 1 o'clock p.m. Such 
as the Exigencies of the Service Demands
have we intrusted to our trusty and quiet
Cowbellonians, and they will do it.
Trust that our mandate will be truly
honored, and that our Chronicler may Records a
Page full of Happiness, Joy, and Mirth untarnished
by a single blot- a fit companion for the last.  
Then shall we deem it a privilege to
reign over our merry kingdom.
Witness our hand and signet,
Rex Carnivali

Mardi Gras, '73
Attest: L.C.D. De and Count De Noses.   feb.22

Memphis Daily Appeal 
February 22 1873

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